INSYS icomの製品は、機械、プラントおよびその他の機器へのリモートアクセスを提供し、その運用データを安全かつ確実に送信できるようにします。









icom Connectivity Suite – VPN

Transparent Remote Access to Machines and Plants

Advanced Group Management

Limit the access to individual applications

Network monitoring

Active monitoring of routers, PCs and controls

Web Proxy

Secure VPN access without client or licence

Powerline GP

Smart Charging with HomePlug Green PHYTM

・Communication via powerline standard HomePlug Green PHYTM
・SLAC according to ISO 15118-3
・Compatible with AC and DC charging stations
・Extended temperature range
・Designed for DIN rail mounting
Data transmission between electric vehicle and charging station as per ISO 15118-3

The international standard ISO 15118 defines intelligent charging of electric vehicles, the “smart charging” for AC and DC charging stations. This permits amongst others active charging control, plug & charge authentication, smart grid integration as well as other services.

When smart charging, the charging station (EVSE) communicates with the electric vehicle (PEV) via charging cable using the powerline standard HomePlug Green PHYTM according to ISO15118-3. The data stream will be modulated to the pilot line of the charging cable with this.

The INSYS Powerline GP establishes the point to point connection between EVSE and PEV so that the EVSE controller can communicate with the PEV via an Ethernet link.

The INSYS Powerline GP operates the layers 1 and 2 in the ISO-OSI model:

The integrated SLAC mechanism in the INSYS Powerline GP controls the association process between electric vehicle and INSYS Powerline GP. Tasks critical for timing are taken over by the INSYS Powerline GP. This reduces the real-time requirements for the EVSE controller and thus facilitates the simultaneously control of several charging processes for example.

The detailed requirements for the EVSE controller are defined in ISO 15118-2, inclusive the interaction with INSYS Powerline GP in ISO 15118-3 – see following application example for AC and DC charging:

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